Maintain Health With Our Comfortable Golden Chariot Massage Chair, Electric Pneumatic Compression Device, Jade Thermal Massage Bed, etc. 
About Us

Maintaining wellness is linked with not only eating right or exercising on a regular basis but also with using the right wellness maintaining products. Such products help in shaping good posture and bettering the overall physique. For modern people wanting to maintain wellness and lead a healthy life, Dr. Bhanusalis Wellness Care brings forth smart wellness maintaining, acupressure and orthopaedic products as a manufacturer

Our Electric Foot Massager, Electric Pneumatic Compression Device, Squeezing Jade Stone Massage Reflexology Bed, T95 Tourmaline Series Healing Bio Mat, Luxury 4D Full Body Massage Chair, and other products are comfortable and cost-effective. These products make wonderful smart choices for people wanting to have a healthy lifestyle. 

All our products are a result of years of research and innovation. Our array of products provides benefits to users via pressure technique, crystal healing through minerals and stones and also thermal effect. Increase in blood circulation, strengthening of the immune system, relief from pain, de-stress and detoxification, all these are the benefits of using our offered line of health bettering products. 

Why Shop With Us?

If there is any establishment worth trusting for obtaining Electric Foot Massager, Squeezing Jade Stone Massage Reflexology Bed, Electric Pneumatic Compression Device, and other products, then it is ours for the fact that we follow strict quality measures while designing and developing these products. Our range is superior in texture, design, functionality and performance. Use of premium grade materials makes our collection truly durable and value for money. We have standard specifics of products available at our company, so as per preference, customers can select the best. Apart from quality, there are numerous other factors that depict we are the right shop to buy products. These factors are not limited to the following:

  • Free shipping at PAN India level
  • Reasonable structure of pricing 
  • Many years of longstanding experience
  • Easy payment modes

Large Stock Maintaining Facility

We have not only advanced production facility but also modern storage facility where we well-keep Electric Pneumatic Compression Device, Electric Foot Massager, Squeezing Jade Stone Massage Reflexology Bed, and other products in bulk. Bulk storage of products helps us in making fast delivery in all Indian markets and meet urgent order delivery needs. 

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